Ultimate Funky Freeroam

Very Important Player

Considering making a donation to UFF? Want awesome cool features unlocked on the server? Want a flashy new "VIP" title near your name? You are on the right page.
Here, you can donate money and get VIP to have access to a whole new set of features.
All VIP features are listed below along with their appropriate VIP levels. 
Each and every contribution/donation you make will directly go to helping the server keep alive.

VIP - Temporary (1 month)

VIP - Permanent


Please note that this VIP level lasts for a temporary period of 1 month after which the level would be revoked from the user.


Please note that this VIP level lasts for an unlimited period of time.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The pricing of VIP levels is $5 (temporary) and $10 (permanent). No additional costs shall be levied. 
  • Payments from only Paypal are accepted. If you do not have Paypal or unable to access it, contact any Executive Administrator and they will provide you with an alternate payment method.
  • Kindly check if payments are sent to the correct ID(s). We are not responsible for the loss of any funds which is a result of erroneous actions from the user.
  • No refunds shall be initiated under any circumstances.
  • Please allow up to 24 hours for receiving VIP status. In case of not receiving VIP status, please inform executive administrators.
  • You are not exempt from any of the server/forum rules even if you buy VIP status. You can still be liable to server punishments and in case of a legitimate ban, the VIP status will be revoked and will not be given back.
  • Any and all conflicts or doubts can be cleared by asking any of the Executive Administrators.
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Enter your in-game name: